Stephie and Michele take on Vegas- Part One

>> Monday, March 28, 2011

So Michele and I hit up the VIP lounge while we were in Vegas. AKA Madame Tussauds. Yeah we are bad-ass. Enough said.

We were pretty much kissing fools! 
I think Michele had already rolled in the hay with Hugh when I took this picture. Crazy hair!
 Kissing again. Wow how do we not have mouth herpes by this point. 

 Most realistic picture of the day! 
 Michele is bringing sexy back....and JT is all like Whatev! 
 Thank god there was no video of when I realized Britney was there. That would have been embarrassing! 
 Don't worry we scheduled dentist appointments when we got back
 Facebook profile pic anyone?
 Her husband would be so proud! 
 Michele: Mistress 109 of Tiger Woods

 This would have only been better if JT was in the scene in his leotard! (SNL...anyone? :crickets:)
 uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh
 Shoulda put a ring on it! 
 Stephaine: Little Monster. 
 See I told ya'll he wudn't dead! 
 This was the best part. I took my picture here. 
 She took hers here. 

And all was right in the world!