One of life's many lessons as a woman...

>> Friday, December 17, 2010

It seems like our world has kind of revolved around the potty lately! And a lot of our humor. Lily has been doing so good lately after a few months of hiatus and a week in pull ups at Disney we were so surprised at her awesomeness this months.

This evening as we were doing our evening hustle and bustle Michael bribed Lily to go to the potty. She is at the "Privacy Please" stage mixed with a little "I DO IT!" so Michael was in the Kitchen while she went potty.

I heard a little grunt and a whine from upstairs and went down the stairs just in time to see Lily waddling out of the bathroom with Michael giggling behind her.

Apparently Michael forgot to put down the seat to the potty.

When Lily went to sit down her butt just kept going. Straight into the commode until her butt hit bottom. He walked in to see her very confused sitting in toilet water.

I wish I could tell you this would be last time that would happen to you Lily but in all reality this should be a life lesson. I am almost thirty and still have been known to stumble into the bathroom blurry eyed in the morning to get a little morning surprise.

The lesson here? Always look before you sit. Trust me Lily you will thank me later.

Even funnier? A stripped down baby waddling up the stairs with a wet behind headed towards the bathtub.

Where is your camera when you need it?



pinkflipflops December 18, 2010 at 9:08 AM  

hahahha oh no! Poor Lily!!!!