12 Days of Christmas Day 11

>> Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 11: New Years Resolutions

1. Embrace my family mission statement. I really wish we could live by this always. We have this posted on our fridge and I get glimpses of it and think oops didn't do that well today. Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Eads Family Mission Statement

The Eads' Family will create a positive and loving enviroment where all feelings and opinions can be expressed and heard by:

Always placing family first
Speaking and acting with kindness and respect
Being patient
Focusing on the positive in situations and always being thankful
Accepting things we cannot chnage
Incorporating religion into our everyday life
Giving to the less forunate
Living a healthy lifestyle
Embracing differences as stregnths
Providing a stable future for each family member

As a family we will encourage:
Positive changes
Learning, music, and reading
Acceptance and tolerance of all people
Family time and individual quality time
A love of all animals

2. Continue Zumba and running. I cut my Zumba down to once a week over the holidays because we are stretched with commitments and holiday drama. But hopefully I will pick back up another class or continue to supplement with running. Although the cold weather is very discouraging. Am I the only one that feels this way?

3. Budget, Budget, Budget.

We started our 2010 so good by creating and sticking with a firm budget. By July we totally got off course. Hopefully next year will be better. We saved this year (a little) and that is a good step for us. Every year we get older and wiser at least. Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution:

To get older.

Done and done.