How you transform two angels into fairies...

>> Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Step 1. Get to Tinkerbell/Fairy line at park opening only to realize that section of the park opens an hour later.

Step 2. Arrive at line for second time only 15 minutes early and be second family in line to see elusive fairies.

Step 3. Somehow end up waiting behind a ton of people although you were originally the second family in line. One week later I still do not have this part figured out.

Step 4. Wait 1.5 hours with two toddlers in costumes and try to maintain the cute hairstyle you gave them this morning. Try not to take yourself straight off of here.

Step 5. Get to front of line. Become fairy size via magic disney tunnel only to reach front of line and realize tinkerbell just went on a fairy break.

Step 6. Rage. Silent Rage.

Step 7. Have the prettiest girls in the whole wide world and let them flirt with the disney cast member (aka grandma type) until she gives you a pass to bypass the continuous 1.5 hour line to see tinkerbell in one hour.

Step 8. Get your make up on.

 Step 9. Get back in line. Much. Shorter. Line

Step 10. Pure BLISS!