30 months and still going strong

>> Friday, December 10, 2010

On the way home a sleepy (napless) Lily asked me so sweetly to sing her "Twinkle Twinkle" because "That's my favorite" It melted my heart and I belted out the words to the audience of one in my back seat. Not carrying a single tune with the elementary words that came so easily. When I finished I got the "GOOD JOB MOMMY!!" and an enthusiastic clap. The same good job I get for going pee in a public restroom when Lily is with me. Except this time it wasn't followed by a giggle from the lady in the next stall. My day could have ended there on that single memory and it would have been a perfect ending.

Last week I cried no less than four times at Disney World. To see magic through a child eyes is the greatest gift to a parent. We walked around the park all week with excited "Look Mommy! Look at that!" and squeals of happiness at character sitings. My heart literally could have burst. Michael laughed at my misty eyes but I knew he felt the same.

But all week I couldn't help but notice special people all over the park. Children with no hair and children with obvious handicaps. But you know what? They had that same look of awe that I saw on Lily's face. And although the children seemed a lot older than Lily the amazement and happiness had not faded. I met Michael's eyes during one of our Princess dinners as I watched a cancer stricken child embrace Snow White with all the excitement one child could contain. I felt so grateful. So lucky to have a healthy child. And I couldn't help but look at the mother who had the same misty eyes I tried to hide.

Lily is two and half today and the feeling that is in the front of my mind is gratefulness. Grateful I have a loving family, a healthy little girl, and the happiness that comes with being a parent. She is so bright and so stubborn all at the same time. She is so much like me I feel for my husband's sanity. She is so beautiful and so sweet. And best of all? She feels the same way about me and my amazing ability to sing Twinkle Twinkle. And pee in a public restroom. Without sitting down. She is a little lady now with complete sentences and manners. She has opinions (not always good ones) and preferences. But she still has those chubby baby thighs and that baby belly that sticks over every pair of pants I buy her.  She is mine and I am hers. Oh and Michael's....