"GingerMan" Houses

>> Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No not a gingerbread house but a "gingerman" house. That is what we did this past weekend. I was really reluctant to make a kit house this year because I always end up cursing and carrying on like a crazy person. Not exactly the best role model moment for my child.  So I decided to graham it up a bit and make graham cracker houses instead. 

Super easy. Heat sugar over medium heat until brown. Dip Graham Cracker into sugar and join together for form a right angle. 

Buy lots of candy and eat more than you decorate with.
Eat a little big more to ensure second step is complete.
You will need three assemblies to make a house. Two to make the house and one to make the roof. Pipe all the corners with icing to ensure structure stability. This is essential. Just ask Michael.

Decorate (and continue to eat) with all the candy and icing you can find.
Give up when you don't listen to Stephaine and just eat your house. Exhibit one.
Tada! I am quite impressed with Lily's (and mine) house.

Not so much with Michael's. Yeah that kind of sucks. Sorry babe. It tasted yummy though. Big advantage over the kits and the stale cookies.

Fun family event. My recommendation is to invite a few friends though. This was way to much candy for any one family to enjoy. We hurt for a few hours after the activity was completed. 



Katherine December 23, 2010 at 7:39 PM  

Does your center snow"woman" have boobies?