SBD Week 3

>> Monday, March 02, 2009

Another week has passed with eating rabbit food. I did have a few cheats this week. Wednesday was my birthday so I had a small (very small...too small) brownie sundae from Outback. Then we had a family birthday party on Saturday and I had a small piece of cake. The cake wasn't worth it but the brownie sundae I could have ate ten of. Yum Yum. But despite all that......

Total pounds lost:

Michael: 16 pounds
Stephaine: 10.4 pounds

Yay! I got lots of compliments this past weekend from family members that had not seen me. Michael too. I think the Wii Fit helps. I did it four times last week so I met my goal of three times in a week. Now to start over this week. I need to motivate myself to do it after having the weekend off!