9 Months Old

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lily turned 9 months this week! We celebrated by going to Portrait Innovations for some spring, Easter, and classic portraits made. It didn't go as smoothly as usual. Normally, Lily is smiley and happy and sits pretty, but this time we were not so lucky. I should preface with the fact that this appointment was at 6pm on Tuesday, right after daylight savings time, and we still had not gotten adjusted to the time change. I did everything I could to prepare her to get in a good mood. I fed her dinner at daycare including nursing and green beans. I let her take a half hour nap in the car and even sat in there a little longer so she could sleep. And when we got there she was not in a terrible mood but seemed a little shy (very unusual). It started spiralling out of control when I realized I was out of diapers. Strange since I just stocked the diaper bag. Luckily Michael found one hidden in the car. Then as soon as we set her down to take pictures she started screaming! Don't know why, but she did.

This is the perfect shot of how the shoot went

Maybe she is hungry? Yes that is a puff in her hand in the picture above. So I gave her another six ounce bottle that she scarfed down and about a whole jar of puffs. There are many pictures with a mouthful of puffs showing. It did get a little better. Not much though.

She did seem interested in the bunny. But seeing us sent her into a fit. I think she just wanted to be held. But we got a few good pictures. Not many smiles though. She is normally grinning ear to ear so I was a little disappointed.

I wanted some more classic pictures I could keep up year round so we did some chair and sitting shots. We didn't buy any of the chair shots but I love the "above shots" and got a black and white one to frame.

My favorite! Our version is zoomed in and centered

I loved the background on these! It was very springy and magical! I felt like she needed fairy wings. These are the only ones of her smiling. How did I get her to smile you asked. Well I beat daddy's head with a bell while he had a bucket on it. Don't worry Lily...Daddy in pain makes me smile too.

I bought this dress just for the hat and she wanted nothing to do with it and immediately threw it off. I think it bothered her ears.
9 Month Milestones:
-21 pounds
-Main nutrition is table food. Maybe three to four jars of baby food a week. Before we were doing three to four a day.
-Cruising between furniture and walls
-Clapping (working on high five now)
-DaDa is still favorite word. I think I even heard "No it's DaDa" but who knows :)
-Walking behind push toys
-Started her on small amounts of meat (mainly turkey and ham)
-Gets one bottle and one sippy cup of milk a day. Sippy cup of water with meals. Will hopefully replace the last bottle with a sippy cup in the next month to have her bottle weaned at ten months.
-12 month clothes
-Still cute as a button