SBD Week 4 recap

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Michael had a goal from day one....get down to X weight and I am cheating with some sweet fried goodness from Zaxby's (his fav fast food restaurant). Well after a month on not one french fry he got to go eat them today for lunch! Yay for him....I hope he spends the rest of the day on the toilet from them. No that is mean! I am happy for him...although jealous!

Totals as of one month
Michael: 26 pounds
Stephaine 15.1 pounds

As mentioned earlier I reached prebaby weight last week and then some so it was a good week for me as well. I even cheated and had a handful of chips at the Mexican restaurant and a little blooming onion at Outback. Mmmmmm.

I haven't decided what weight I want to reach prior to cheating. Although this weekend I go to Vegas for four days so I def. see some cheating in my future in the form of large amounts of alcohol. I wonder if they have chocolate brownie flavored beer?