Spring is here!

>> Monday, March 09, 2009

I think spring has finally arrived! With the warmer weather we decided to spend some much needed time outside for most of Saturday. There was a church consignment sale that morning that I wanted to go to and we had promised our neighbor we would go to his soccer game. We got up bright and early for the busy day.

When we got to the soccer game our friend wasn't even there! Apparently year round schools had to make up their snow day from Monday on a Saturday! WTF?! I would boycott and not go. School on Saturday just ain't right!

But the park he was playing at was right near our house and they had a play yard so we took advantage and spent the morning there with Lily.

She LOVED the swing. Much like she does at our house. She didn't seem to be getting bored with it either. Unfortunately Mommy got bored so we had to switch it up. She just giggled while you pushed her.

The swings made me a little nervous because there is no buckle. She was leaning forward a lot too! But she just held on for dear life and couldn't wipe the smile off her face! I compare it to her sitting in the front of the grocery cart now. She loves that too! It's like a ride to her. She holds on tight and smiles. Oh to be so easily entertained.

We moved on to the slide and fortress looking set. There are never any pictures of Lily and I so it was nice that Michael took some and they actually turned out very pretty! And no I did not slide down that slide! I would have got stuck.
There was a tunnel you crawled through to get to the slide and she did not like it. It is funny because I cannot think of many things she is scared of at all but this tube was one of them. Then when she cried it echoed which scared her more. Eventually we got a picture of her through it. My goal was to get her to crawl though it but no such luck. The best I could do is stand on one side and hold her while she looked at Michael making silly faces at her. She didn't fall for it though. Michael did take her down this big tube slide. We took bets on whether he would get stuck. I guess SBD is working because he got down unharmed and without a fire department call. Lily seemed indifferent as long he was holding her. But then we tried to send her down the little slide and she was not as enthusiastic. The whole time she is reaching for Michael!

This is at the entrance to the tunnel. Notice the distress. Just being near it made her mad as if she knew what was coming!

More Mommy and Me shots! Good job Michael!
I had a lot of shots with my mouth open and laughing. It is obvious we were having a blast!

Towards the end she started getting tired and hungry so we headed back to the house for a break. She konked out for awhile but the woke up ready to go again!

So we called Glen to go to Lake Benson to take our Lab Cesna swimming and he brought his lab Churchill. Cesna loved it! This is the first time we took him to the lake. But we knew he liked water because he tends to jump in my mother's pool. He had no fear and as soon as we let him off the leash he walked right into the water and started swimming.
Lily just hung out in her stroller for the most part. She didn't mind. I think she was still waking up a bit.
Churchill and Cesna would swim out to fetch sticks we found. Cesna is about five whereas Churchill is about 1.5 so the energy was unmatchable. Cesna tried but Churchill would always beat him to the stick. Even if Cesna made it to it he would surrender it to Churchill. He has no backbone but that is why he is so good. Especially with kids!
Lily watching the puppies!
She finally had enough and wanted to be held. But only for the last five to ten minutes. By then Cesna was on his last leg anyone. By the way Churchill was still ready to go. So we headed back with a small detour to the swings.
That night we went to Jenna and Daves for a cookout. Notice Lily's pigtails! haha! Too cute. They look more like horns but this is definitely my new favorite hairdo.
Don't tell Aunt Jenna I just go done chewing on her remote.
Sneaky smile!
Here are some random pictures. Lily climbing over toys. This just shows her mobility. We had to break out the baby gate this weekend for the first time. Mainly because she has shown extreme interest in the dog food and water. The funny thing is she hasn't figured out that we are only putting one up and she could crawl to the other door to get out. It makes is easier on us though!

This is her gnawing on the pack and play. She loves to stand up in it and give you puppy dog eyes do pick her up.

Realizing she shouldn't be chewing on it! Laughing in the face of danger!

Ribbit Ribbit!

Other updates. Tomorrow we have nine months portraits. Unfortunately from the pictures you can see she has a huge sore on her eyebrow. Yes people this was a huge zit. The biggest blackhead known to man. It had been there for months and I thought maybe she was getting a mole (ugh) and then we realized it was a blackhead. It left a hole in her face when the head came out. So not sure how the pictures are going to work out. I might try some make up. We will see.

SBD update:

I didn't have a stellar week. I gained a little but Michael kept losing!

Michael: 21 pounds

Stephaine: 10 pounds

I think it was because I didn't exercise as much this week with our busy schedule. And I did cheat and have some of Brooke's Mac and Cheese on Saturday night. Don't worry it was worth the .2 pounds....haha!


Nicole Faby March 9, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Your photographer should be able to edit that out! I didnt notice it until you said something though!! She is so cute! We need to have a playdate!

Suz March 10, 2009 at 10:23 PM  

Ya'll look great! I can definitely tell you've both lost weight! Congrats Steph!