Vegas Baby!

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Parental Advisory: This is about a bachelorette party in don't be surprised at what you see :)
I got back from the girl's trip to Vegas on Tuesday. I am still not truly recovered from my jet lag nor is my liver fully functioning yet but it was worth it. What was not worth it? The four hour layover I had to save eighty bucks. BOTH WAYS! Ugh.
Luckily I had rented some movies on my iTouch to ease the pain of the time passing. BTW LOVE the new Twilight movie. Well not nearly as much as the book but it was still good and I think they did a good job casting. In addition I also downloaded the audiobooks to help pass the time. It worked. I dreamed of Edward Cullen through the majority of my plane dozing. That is never a bad dream.
We stayed at the Excalibur. We got a really good deal and a free upgrade once we got there. I am all about some medieval times and it has my infamous blackjack table so I was all about staying there. Last time we stayed at Luxor and all the tables were too expensive to gamble at. It was nice because the room was good and the tables were $5 at the Excalibur. Well you could usually find a five dollar table at least.
Overall the trip was fun, even though I more tired now than I was when I left. On average about five hours of sleep per night..not nearly enough for me. The other girls didn't gamble much (like 20 bucks!) so the last night I finally defected to plant myself at my favorite blackjack table for about six hours. Ten vodka sodas, many stumbly bathroom trips, and eighty dollars in chips won me all my spending money back. I left with 300 dollars cash to gamble/shop and came back with 341 dollars. Not bad eh? I think it was worth my MIA status. I had a lot of fun and still was back in the room in bed before 11pm. The earliest of all nights. Of course I had to get up at 4am to catch my flight.
It was SSOOO WINDY the day we went sight seeing. As apparent by our windblown hair. It was like walking in a wind tunnel.
On Saturday night we went to LAX for some celebrity sitings. We danced and danced and bought way to expensive drinks. But I did see Criss Angel. Does that count as a celeb? the other girls totally missed him but I saw him. Yes he is greasy looking.
No my hair did not grow a foot! It's my famous weave. Jessica Simpson Hair do piece. This was our sparkle night. We all tried to wear shiny outfits.
We stood in line for like forty five minutes to get in. It was really cool inside and I love to dance so I had a blast. There is nothing better than not having to talking and just dancing around.
One of our MANY self portraits of the trip. This must have been early in the night...we don't look too sweaty.
Notice the weave is gone? It really started getting itchy! So after we left the club I took it off. Amazingly my hair didn't look horrible. But at this point I had been up about twenty six hours straight and slightly intoxicated so I was about spent.
We also went to a male revue. The Thunder from Down Under was great! My only complaint...we should have upgraded to VIP for the ten extra dollars just to be closer to their hotness. Wow. And they all had accents. Australian accents. mmmmm.....Michele didn't make it much past the show that night. Mainly due to the happy hour we attended from 3-6 with all you can drink beer. Honestly I am surprised any of us made it to the show. If you every go to Vegas go to Blondies sports bar and do their happy hour. Worth it! We ate, we drank, we saw half naked men...does it get any better? This is also the night we dressed her up with "bachelorette attire"
That next morning was breakfast buffet day. Hence the hungover look on my face. I am not sure why in all the pictures we are giving thumbs just sort of started. But this is a farce of a picture the Excalibur advertised with a woman eating at the buffet.


Alice March 27, 2009 at 7:17 PM  

Great photos Steph!!! Glad you had a nice time!!!

Suz March 30, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

Looks so fun! We've stayed at Excalibur too~ loved the $5 tables!! That's awesome that you came back with more money than you took! Lunch soon?? I want some of your diet tips too!