Good Morning Momma!

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. Yes I said weekend. I like to drag out the awesomeness. Buy even best laid plans can be ruined. By poop. Yes poop.

Saturday night I had it all planned out. Dinner, take hope ice cream, eaten in bed with the whole family and latest Tinkerbell movie. I was quite excited. More about the ice cream than the movie choice but these are details. Well we didn't start the movie until like 9:30 so needless to say we all three fell asleep in our king sized bed like one big (and extremely stuffed full of ice cream) family. Which was fine. Until Sunday morning....

I had requested eggs and grits Sunday morning so Michael being the awesome husband he is got up early and went to the grocery store. When the front door shut I heard it and stirred a bit. But quickly dozed back off. For thirty more seconds until I heard a concerning whine coming from behind me. So I rolled over....right into it.

The massive diarrhea explosion that had come out of my sweet little darling.

How does something so precious make something so disgusting. It was like a scene from a Saw movie. It was everywhere! And it was now all over her, me, and the bed.


So yes it took me fifteen minutes to get us both in the shower and cleaned up. This was all before my morning caffeine. NOT. HAPPY.

Luckily Michael came home as I was getting out of the shower with flowers and breakfast goods. Oh and just in time to help me clean up the toilet that used by our bed.