First Trip to the Circus

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

We took Lily to her first circus this weekend with the Bauers! She loved it. Or at least the popcorn and dumbo icee associated with the circus trip. She did really well but of course wanted to sit on our lap the whole time even though we bought her a seat. Why do they not have booster seats at these coliseums? That would be perfect and restore circulation to my leg.

She was obviously one excited little girl! Her favorite was the elephants! Followed by the tigers. Apparently we should have just taken her to the zoo. The cool cirque type acts they had she was bored with.

 The Bauers
 Da Eads

Scott and I loved the circus where as our spouses could take it or leave it. It is funny how our outings always end up like that. I think the best part about being a parent is reliving all this stuff. And I still to this day remember going to the circus as a child!