Will's First Birthday Party

>> Sunday, August 01, 2010

Last weekend we headed to Gtown for "Baby Will's" (as Lily refers to him as) birthday party. How awesome was it that the party was a pool party!!! Lily loves to swim. Lily loves cake. So all in all this was an event we couldn't miss. 

I have taught her well. The best pool play involved floating around and being catered to. Wouldn't you agree? 

Daddy and Lily had fun teasing Mommy. Mmmm let's throw things at her while she tries to take a cute family photo. Good Job Daddy! This is when I realize that Lily got none of my genes.

If you can get someone to push you around while you are floating it is even better. Lily apparently has Daddy wrapped around her finger!

On a side note this was the first time I got to use my new Nikon camera lens. I have been impressed so far. I will say I have to do A LOT more leg work. This lens is not a zoom lens by any means. As in no zoom at all.  But it is a tad bit lighter which is what I really wanted. It doesn't stick out as far as my standard lens which means it is harder to hit things with, etc. Not quite as light as I expected but a noticeable difference. The picture quality and focus is awesome. For 200 dollars definitely worth investing in. I think this will become my go to lens. I have not taken it off since I received it. I have not had the chance to do any portrait shots with it. But the few test shots I did of the inside rooms have showed an amazing difference. I normally struggle with indoor pictures in my house as it does not have a lot of natural light. Overall very satisfied to date.