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>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

So for some reason I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to sign up for a Zumba class for the month of August. It is a four week class offered through my local Park and Rec and it was cheap so why not. Something about having a scheduled class to attend makes me think I will actually go. Unlike that pesky gym membership that would be drafted out of the account monthly only to go unused.

Monday rolled around and I was really excited. I am going to shake my tailfeather like nobodies business. And Monday wasn't too bad. Hey I can do this right??!! I mean I felt great afterwards. Nora my Monday teach was easy on us. Maybe it was because it was at the Senior Center...mmmmmmmm.

But then came Thursday. Erin my five foot, eighty pound peppy cheerleader Zumba teacher. She is straight from hell I tell ya. My back, ass, abs, legs, and neck are all simultaneously throbbing right now. I hate you Erin. Maybe more than Jillian Michaels. At least she doesn't tell me to keep smiling through the pain while I jump and salsa and samba and manage the burning in my thighs from your neverending lunges. 

I really wanted to get a picture of me Zumbaing. But alas it is more difficult to gyrate and photosnap than I originally thought. Way blurry pictures I imagine. So I googled 'fat chick doing zumba' Yeah all that got me was a few dirty pictures of really fat chicks in bras. And these guys....

How freaking cool are they? I mean check this guy out. First...there were no guys in my class. This is false advertising. Second...If I would have known cool dudes like this Zumba I would have signed up months ago! Third....who works out in a yellow bellbottomed unitard? Uh no one I know. 

Once again I question work out attire. A bikini? Camo pants. I got in a twenty minute debate about whether this was the same guy. Because surely two guys on the same google search could show such poor judgement, right? 

All I got to say is I better look bikini chick real quick or I cannot guarantee Erin's safety. 



pinkflipflops August 20, 2010 at 1:10 PM  

hahah. i have done zumba once.. i think it may have caused my knee pain that made me have to quit running for awhile. but it was fun even though i lack rhythm hahah.