Seth and Paula's Wedding

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

We were lucky enough to attend a friends wedding a few weeks back. I finally went through the pictures and all I can say is WoW! I got some good ones! 

Seth and Paula got married at a beautiful little chapel at Belmont Abby College. A gorgeous campus. They followed up with a reception at one of the campus halls. The room had a warehouse feel. With these gorgeous windows and this warm light. It was quite the little get together. A small wedding. Same as our if not smaller. (~100 people) 

We took the time to hang out with some of our great friends while Lily partied it up a Will's Birthday party, eating cupcakes and swimming with the family.  This is Jenna, so pretty! Aren't her teeth really white. She won't give up her secret even though I begged on facebook. 

The blushing bride. 

Dave and Jenna 

Me, Brooke and Jenna. You can tell this is when it started getting hot. It was like a sauna in the hall. A disadvantage to those pretty windows.

One of my favorite shots of the night. The mother/son dance.

Dancing it up!

 I love this picture because you see three little scenes occurring all at once. To the left you see the bride oogling over the little boy. Front and center Mee Maw is breaking it down with the groom and in the back you see me and the girls shaking our groove thing oblivious to it all. All of these pictures were taken the first weekend of owning my new lens. Which I would say took some great pics that day! 

A good example of that warm light I have been bragging about. This picture had minimal editing. 

An even better example. Mother of the groom and Daughter

Paula and Jenna goofing off. 

It wouldn't be a party if this white guy wasn't shaking his butt and backing it up at something. This is the cha cha slide I think. He had no idea what he was doing. And that made it that much funnier.

I didn't even know my husband knew the chicken dance. But he lead it along with the groom.
Bock Bock Baby

 Brooke and her grandfather. I love this picture! 

I had to dig for a few pictures Michael snapped of me to prove I was there. Then I realized Scott's Mom Marie took these as she was admiring my camera. Bam Proof I was there. I took about 150 pictures that night and these were the only ones I could muster up.  I love being behind the camera. 

And the best for last! Muah!