Old Fashioned Fourth of July

>> Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Fourth of July we tried something a little different. We celebrated it in the USA unlike last year when we were in Switzerland. I will say it was good to be home with Lily this year. Something about family and sparklers and some good Southern food makes a perfect holiday. BBQ Ribs, Grilled Corn, a famous (or at least should be) American Flag cake decorated with NC finest strawberries and blueberries. Yum Yum.

We head out to the Garner, NC celebration at Lake Benson.

Along with every other person in the county....

We had a blast. We could not have had better weather. We actually come to this park all the time. In fact this very field is where Lily's adorable two year old pictures were taken (see header!). I love it because it is never crowded and there are tons of fun playgrounds and it is on the lake. 

We packed a picnic lunch and hung out in the field. The town had blow up houses and the playgrounds were open. They had live music and vendors. 

The girls had so much fun just running around and eating junk food. Most of the day they got carted around in the wagon.

Lily and Morgan swung for almost thirty minutes. This is by far Morgan's favorite activity. 

But we all know that Lily's favorite is sliding. We never did convince Morgan to go down it though. 

Thanks to Mimi the girls had matching outfits which led to "look at the twins!" Seriously? I don't think this one could have more Finley genes in her! Just like her Daddy. 

Of course I don't have any room to talk. This one is a spitting image of her Daddy too. Always looking up to him.
Me and my favorite niece! 

Tanya and Morgan

I love that sparkle in her eye!

Trying to get both of the girls to take a picture with me. Yeah it wasn't happening. 

Sliding Addict

The girls were so good together the whole weekend. Even sharing there Little Debbie Patriotic Snack.

Yeah it was a good day. That ended with a fantastic fireworks show that Morgan was scared of and Lily fell asleep through about halfway into the show. Who falls asleep during a huge fireworks show? An Eads baby that's who! Oh last but not least homemade ice cream served by Miss Garner herself. Oh yeah.