Found These....

>> Friday, July 09, 2010

I know I have been a little slack lately. Honestly I just looked on my camera and realized how far behind I really am!

I did find a few on my camera from June and I thought I would share. These are unedited ( I really am far behind!)

Birthday celebration with Mommy and Daddy at Frankies! Wow it was hot that day. Can you tell? We actually took a break after nine holes to cool her off.

What's up white Tiger Woods? Interesting fact. In the ten years we have had together...not once have I beat him in putt-putt. This is just him rubbing it in. 

Miraculously Lily got a hole in one every time. Could be because she hit and once and then carried it to the hole. But these are just details.

Playdate with Luke from the Faby Family Blog (click here). Try getting a picture with this little guy! Lily was chillin though.

Worse part of this day? Seeing Lily going under in a toddler pool and that moment of panic that hits your heart when you are sure she is going to drown although it has only been a half a second. Never has my lard arse moved so fast. Yes it can happen in even the shallowest of water. Always be within arms reach. I was thankfully. Sad part? I was panicking and she was asking to get back in the pool. Kids.

On Lily's Birthday we got her a toddler pool. As if seeing her almost "drown" didn't scar me enough. Yeah she loved it. 

I loved the yellow polka dot bikini

And the baby belly

Father's Day 2010. Just a little something I whipped up with my loving it Organic Batter Blaster. Check out my Impact Dash Article on it HERE.  Get it. Love it! Cute pancakes galore and no mess. Oh and yummy. 

Yeah that is a star...I rock.

I just threw this in because I love it. Thinking about making it the new header. Any thoughts?