I Basically Gave my Child up for Adoption!

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

No not my real child. My dog child. I feel so horrible thanks to my guilt ridden husband.

First a little back story. We are not a three dog family. Well we never intended on being one. Until that one day in the December of 2005...or was it 2006? Anyways. We rescued Cesna from our evil neighbors who never gave him any love and he was stuck outside all of the time. Of course we took him in with the intention of finding him a new home. Until I found him a new home...

Then my husband bascially had me crying with guilt about how sweet he acted and what a good dog he was. Then we kept him.

Four years later I am living in dog hair tumble weeds, with a two year, a husband that is like having another child, a brother in law that IS another child, and three dogs that I have no time to give attention to. :sigh: Lily loves Cesna and regularly belly flops on him and actually rode on his 108 pound back once. For which she proceeded to try and ride our 50 pound basset mix and 8 pound poodle. Yeah they were having none of that. By far he is her favorite.

But a girl can only take so much.

Then my Brother in law moved in and fell in love with Cesna. They play, they wrestle, Kevin lets Cesna lick him all over his face (uh gross!) etc. etc. He decided when he moved out he would take Cesna with him.

:Angels singing in backgroud:

The best of both worlds! I get to see him all the time because lets face it, Kevin will need to eat and watch our NFL Sunday Ticket. But his constant hair shedding and general prescence will not be irritating me on a daily basis. I may be able to sweep without yelling "MOVE!" four times per room. Why do they always lay where you are sweeping? I don't get it!

So Cesna was off this weekend along with my 20 year old brother in law. It is like a have a whole new house. With loads more room and an abudance of groceries. But when we went to visit the Bro's new pad yesterday Cesna tried to leave with us. It almost made me cry. Kevin said he is not eating either, and kind of just lays around (ummm completely normal by the way!). The other two dogs are moping and Lily asked my where Cesna was last night. WHY DO I FEEL SO GUILTY!!! The two dogs barely even played with Cesna since he was kinda of a loner. But I broke up the Eads pack and apparently now they are pissed! WHY DO I FEEL SO GUILTY!!!

Because long before Lily these three were my babies. And although everyone tells you they take a back seat when you have kids, you never believe it. That won't be us! I know this is what is best for both of us. My day to day life will be easier. My house will be cleaner, our morning routine will be shorter. It will be easier to travel. People are more accepting of the two smaller dogs. It will be cheaper to buy food. We now go through about sixty pounds of food a month between the three of them. Cesna is getting way more attention than he could ever imagine. More than we have to give. And that means the two at home are getting more since we don't have to spread it out as much. Not to mention with Michael traveling so much it is torture to take care of everyone while he is gone.

But it is still hard. I take comfort in the fact that we will see him often and that Kevin dog sits alot of the three will be reunited during these times. And that he is better off. And that there is a good chance brother in law will be so poor through the rest of college that we will get him back.

I just want you to know that I completely blame my husband for this. I was so happy until he started in on me.

Sometimes it is hard to do what is best for your babies. Human and dog.