To cut or not to cut?

>> Thursday, June 05, 2008

We had a family meeting last night and decided against the planned c-section. It was a hard decision but we wanted to stick to our original plan of avoiding surgery. Women do this all the time right? I was surprised Michael was so gun-hoe about doing it natural when his "happy place" was involved but he thinks it would be better in the long run of recovery time, and I am concerned about initial bonding time. I think he just wants to be done doing housework :)

The doctors said they would be on their toes and not let me labor for an extremely long time if she was not coming. So I have to trust them. Plus knowing when the baby is coming is too nerve racking for me.

I did go into false labor again last night. I was up until about 5 even with the pain medications they gave me two weeks ago. We were both convinced and even had our bags packed and finished cleaning the house most of the night. Then they finally started dying out early this morning. Oh Frustration! I wish there was a neon sign that said this is she is coming. Instead I have this guessing game of extremely strong contractions and no baby. But it should be dilating me at least. But poor Michael had to go to work today with about two hours of sleep.


Mickie June 7, 2008 at 11:17 AM  

Oh gosh! False labor does not sound like fun. I was afraid of that happening & wouldn't say for sure that it was true labor until I was really sure. In my case it was really labor though. I did not tear, though Jaxon was only 7lbs 7oz. I think what really helped me the most (to avoid tearing) was the perinal massages. The labor nurse massaged me pretty much the whole time I was pushing. I've also heard that pushing too fast can cause tears though I think at the end I didn't care. I was pushing as hard & as often as I could, lol. I know it's hard to beleive know, but in the end, you won't care how it happened - just that you have that healthy baby in your arms.

And I wouldn't worry about the inital bonding. I know they gave me time to hold Jaxon (cuz there are pictures of it). But I barely remember holding him then. I was just too exhausted. There's plenty of time for you to bond.. it's not instantaneous for either of you. Believe me, she'll know who's her mommy! Can't wait to see her!!