2 weeks to Go!

>> Monday, June 02, 2008

T -13 days until due date.
Mom Status: huge.
Baby Status: huger.

Well I had my now weekly check up on Thursday. On one note, I am out of work completely until after maternity leave is over (~labor day). On the other I am having a cow and not a baby! The exact terminology from the doctor..."extremely large baby" Now I didn't know how to take this, because extremely large is relative. I mean this doctor might be a total of 5'6" and 150lbs. Large to him and large to me are two different scenarios. So I asked for a number. Bad idea....He could give me no number. Only that I needed a sonogram and needed to start thinking about a planned c-section. EEK! My worst nightmare. The number one thing I wanted to avoid is a c-section. My personal opinion is that if I am not getting lypo or a tummy tuck there is no need to cut into me. The funniest part of this being when the doctor wrote me out of work he did not mention the baby was extremely large, just

Due: 6/15
Extremely Large
Short Term to start 5/30

Yes I am officially to large to work!! BRING IN THE CRANES! I had to hand this to HR! You think he could have been a little clearer that the BABY is extremely large. I did make a photocopy of this for Lily ammunition later in life. Like when she won't clean her room I can whip it out and rub it in her face that she made her mother 'extremely large.'

Other doctor news. He thinks the reason I have been having spells of false labor is because the baby is too big for me to carry. Or possibly she is in a bad position. He gave me some drugs to take a night. A little Tylenol with codine. I didn't want to take it but when I am only getting a few hours a night you eventually give in and take it. So I can now go about three hours uninterrupted. Plus I have been napping a little more.

Not many other updates. I have been worthless lately. I did go see the SATC movie, and our dishwasher broke...perfect timing eh?

So my next appointment is Wednesday. I will get the ultrasound and hopefully a pelvic to show any progress from two weeks ago. I will end with the new motto of our lives

Go towards the light, Lily!