Memorial Day-3 weeks to go!

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

Well on a brighter note I am full term now! Since Thursday's 48 hour bout with false labor I have been on pins and needles waiting to see if real labor would begin. The first false labor lasted until Friday evening the second lasted the majority of Sunday. And let me tell you Sunday was a lot more painful. I could not talk through some of the contractions and a couple made me cry (not that making me cry is that hard!) So needless to say this weekend has been miserable. I feel awful. Last night I slept only a few hours because my whole body hurts. I laid down, I got up and walked, I laid down, I got up to pee. It was an endless cycle. I am extrememly swollen. Even my face! Even my tongue. Yes my tongue. When I lay down the fluid flows from my cankles to my face, tongue and lips. Angelina Jolie ain't got nothing on my puckers! So yes in a nutshell...this sucks.

But on a more serious note. I have the best husband in the whole world. The past week while I have been almost immobile and miserable he has been amazing. He has been cleaning, organizing, fetching, whatever I need. He has been very patient with my complaining and moaning, and doing whatever he can to make me comfortable. I told him yesterday (here comes the cheezy love sap) that my heart was bursting with love, and just when I thought I couldn't love him anymore he does something even sweeter. Did I mention you are hormone crazy at the end of pregnancy? The only reason we are ready for this baby (in a clean, organized house sense) is because of him. I really wish I was in better shape so I could do something sweet for him, but alas I am worthless at this point. I have to say in my case at least I think pregnancy has brought us a lot closer. Our anniversary is next week...its funny we keep forgetting about it because of the baby, but we will have to do something fun for both of us.

My next appointment is Thursday so hopefully I have made some progress and all the pain has a purpose. Until then...