6 weeks to go!

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

A really good week, and a so-so weekend. After some much needed rest last weekend I am feeling a lot better. Very little swelling, or a least little compared to previous weeks. I still can't wear regular shoes but I have seen an occasional ankle bone. I have had a lot of energy over the last week. I have also noticed a drastic increase in potty breaks. Think once an hour at minimium. Actually any time I go from a sitting to a standing position I have to go. The sense of urgency associated with the little bit of volume that comes out is uncanny. Also a lot of pressure down there. Just little signs that her arrival is inevitably drawing nearer.

But this weekend wiped me out. We made a new rule this morning. Until Lily arrives one day a weekend must be made for doing absolutly nothing. If I don't do this I push myself to far. This weekend we had our birthing class. EEK! The video was mild so not too graphic or scary. But it was a long day of 8-5 in very uncomfortable chairs. It included a tour and new born basics. Very informative and definatly made me lean towards some decisions for my birth plan. I would state them but I don't want to look like a complete failure if I don't accomplish them! haha! But know this I think Michael has agreed to them all, so they can't be that bad.

Sunday we went to Charlotte for the day to see Michael's sisters baby that was born on Saturday. So again another long day (six hours of driving). I will make that a seperate post when I get some pictures of the little one.

Baby update: I think she is getting into position! I can feel where her legs are just by rubbing my tummy. They feel so little. I actually saw some hiccups this past week as well. Seeing the baby this weekend made me very anxious of her arrival but very excited and a little sappy.

At this point we are just hoping the next month goes by fast.


Mickie May 10, 2008 at 10:19 PM  

Don't worry about feeling like a failure about your birth plans! You will not care after it's all said & done. Trust me! I wanted to do 'all natural' as much as possible, but then I got really sick during labor (if you haven't heard this yet, let me be the one to tell you that lots of women vomit during labor... I was one of those lucky ladies). Once the vomiting started (think Exorcist), I was unable to focus or even breathe through the contractions. I immediately requested drugs. I was given a narcotic by IV. I even asked for an epidural later, but I was ready to push within 5mins of asking for it (didn't know I was so close) so that never happened. I was not at all disappointed that I had to have the narcotic (it still left plenty of pain for me to feel, lol). You'll just be so happy to see your little girl, that you won't care about what you did during birth to get there! I'm so excited that you are getting so close, and we'll have to get our little ones together as soon as we can :)