4 weeks to Go!

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

My oh My how time flies! Little Lily will be here before you know it. And as my sister in law put it: I will be initiated into the Mommy club by being peed on, pooped on, and finally vomited on (in the face if I am lucky!).

This week wasn't too bad. Still a lot of joint pain anytime I wake up from the small amounts of sleep I have had. I did start having some real contractions (vs. Braxton Hicks) this weekend, but with no regularity. I could have these for weeks apparently. She has dropped some, I can tell because I no longer have feet in my ribs. I have a "baby butt" belly instead of a "baby bump." Her butt is obviously sticking out. Which makes me think she has turned to face my back. Another good sign. Also my hormones are raging....aka I cried looking at the installed carseat this weekend. It is kind of ridiculous. Oh and then again on the way to work over some cheezy country song.

And last but not least....nesting has begun! I spent the whole weekend washing and organizing, then packing and preparing for her arrival! I even think Daddy got the nesting urge. Our house is the cleanest it has been in about six months. That's what happens when the woman of the house gets run down by pregnancy! Our yard is mowed and trimmed! And Lily's room is ready to go. We have the bedding washed. We got her essential home items washed such as towels, blankets, back up sheets, and onesies. I even made room in our bedroom for her pack and play in case she needs to stay in with us the first week or so. Although I would prefer her get used to the crib immediately. We bought batteries for the million contraptions that babies need batteries for. BJ's wholesale is an awesome place for this by the way. I even got our hospital bags started, and the waterproof mattress pad on the bed just in case my water breaks in the middle of the night. I love my bed and it must be protected!! So my goals for the weekend were accomplished.

Now in the next week I need to wash guest sheets for our helpers that will be visiting during her arrival, and make playlists for my calming labor music. I have a doctors appointment Friday and I will be receiving my first pelvic exam to check for dilation, effacement, station, etc. Maybe I will even get a weight guessimate. I also have a work shower on Thursday. I am getting excited!

Everyone repeat after me...."Lily move towards the light!"