5 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

More importantly only four more weeks of work! Whhhooohhhooo! I am taking the week before my due date off (assuming I make it that long) to relax before our bundle of joy arrives. It was a good week. I had a check up on Friday and for once had no complaints for the doctor. Told her oddly enough I was feeling better than I had throughout the whole pregnancy. I only gained a pound which is like a record!!! I have been putting on weight like a champ throughout the entire pregnancy and finally it is slowing down, yet another sign her arrival is drawing nearer. I had a little swelling over the weekend but nothing too unbearable. My only nuisance has been sleeping and joint pain. My body is really starting to hurt. My bones are hurting! It is odd. I think the hormones are loosening my joints so she can come out. I just don't understand why bones other than my pelvis need to ache. I have had bad finger, knee, back and foot/toe pain. It's more of an annoyance than anything. But the sleep is interfering with daily activities. It is getting hard to make my long work commute without crashing into the median. This morning I held open my eyelid to get here! The woman next to me gave me the strangest look. It is bordering on first trimester exhaustion.

Lily has been packing some deep punches that pretty much stop me in my tracks. Michael always gets so concerned, its adorable. Is it a contraction?? No its just that she is huge and doesn't have any room so some movements are just painful until she readjusts. A few have been some hard core braxton hicks. But if you move in a direction she does not like...oh she lets you know. Whabam! a kick in the ribs. Whabam a kick in the stomach. Oh you want to eat all the food on your plate mommy? I don't think so! Let me scooch up here into your stomach a little closer. I am seeing some personality coming through already. She did do a little dancing this weekend while we had some music playing. Almost to the beat! Maybe she will be the next American Idol or Dancing with the stars champ!

Michael got some preparation stuff done this weekend. We hung our chandelier in the nursery. He organized the attic/eve storage area to accommodate her stuff. We also did some shopping to get some birthing basics/tools over the weekend. Stuff like hospital night gowns, socks, tennis balls to help relieve back contractions, and travel size bottles for shampoo, etc. Basically some hospital comforts. I am going to get my bags packed this weekend and start washing stuff. That is the goal of the week.

My group at work took me out to lunch on Friday and surprised me with a bag of gifts. It was really sweet! Plus the food was good. MMMmmmm PF Changs. It was nice since most of my group is guys and I was surprised they chipped in for something like this. It was a good time.

Stay tuned....