>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This weekend we went to the NC State Homecoming at Carter Finley. It was CoOp appreciation weekend so NCSU was kind enough to host a tailgate and supply us with tickets in the Murphy Wendell Box. Before we started our CoOp activiities we stopped by the Chi Omega Alumni tailgate for a quick hello! They all made yummy food that we happily stuffed Lily with to make her happy until lunch time.

We stopped by a few more tailgates before heading in and then just ran into a few people like Dave and Phil.  That is why I love homecoming. A lot of people come from all around so you get to see a lot of college friends that weekend.

The tailgate at the Wendell Center had good food and it was interesting seeing the field from that angle. On one end it was nice because Lily got to run around in there since it was enclosed. On the other end that meant I couldn't watch the game. Because we weren't in the hustle and bustle of the crowd she was not entertained by the singing and cheering. Needless to say I was exhausted by halftime.

We spent a good thirty minutes walking around the "museum" part of the center taking pictures and reading about football history at NCSU. If you haven't taken the time to go through this yet please do. It was really fun and we got some great pictures.

This is what is hanging over the entrance to the center. Just inside.

This is a picture of Lily and her Baby Daddy...and by Baby Daddy I mean Philip Rivers in the background!

I tried to get a "family" picture and this is what turned out. Thanks Michael! Just a shot of Lily trying to kill me with my ticket.

I had to give Mr Wuf some love while we were there! 
I tried to teach Lily the Wolfpack sign but was not as skillful as Uncle Craig was at the newborn stage

Maybe Lily will be a Wolfpack Cheerleader when she grows up!  It already looks like she is holding this chick on her shoulders. Don't worry Lily we were all bases when we cheered.

Or maybe the first female kicker??

Well Daddy sure would be handsome as a football player. Then both of your "daddies" could be athletes!

This was by far the best picture of the day....Look at her little hand!?!
Lily saying "#1"

It was nice to do a little something different and for once it resulted in a WOLFPACK WIN!

After a short nap we decided to take Lily for a night on the town to Monkey Joes and then out to dinner with Aunt Linda. Lily loved Monkey Joes. But it is tiring for Mommy and Daddy. I was sweating by the time it was over. She is not easy to tote around those bounce houses and it was CRAZY with kids. AAGGHHHH is the only word I can use to describe it. I am convinced I picked up a bug there as well. As I mentioned earlier..BLAH!

Poor Michael was struggling on this one. Lily doesn't seem to mind though. I left him solo since I was breaking into a sweat and hyperventilating from the amount of kids flying around me.

Rosy cheeked and playing hard

Having fun with Aunt Linda