Halloweenie Fun!

>> Monday, November 02, 2009

We were quite busy on Halloween weekend. On Friday Lily's Daycare did their annual costume parade and party. So I spent some extra time with the princess getting her dressed up Friday morning. She did so good with letting me put on her face make up. I was really surprised. We did not go full out for Daycare on Friday with the face tattoos. Mainly because they are constantly washing their hands and face, which we encourage with the yucky bugs going around.

Sadly enough most people did not realize she was Mrs. Wuf the NCSU mascot, but just thought she was a cheerleader. Don't you think the tail should have given it away!!!

Or the Face Makeup??!!

I did not make it to her parade or the party. I was late getting out of work although I left early to make it. I felt so guilty. But can I vent for a minute. I know the "lead teachers" work from about 7:00-3:30 so they like to schedule the parties at like 2:30 but I know this is a shocker but I WORK! 2:30 is not convenient. 4:00? Yes! 2:30 is WAY TO EARLY! Then the parade was at 9:30 and the party was at 2:30. Seriously? It is just not smart and  gives me Mama guilty.But I did get her early enough to stop by Daddy's work for some QT show off time. They gave her lots of candy as well and some practice Trick or Treating cube style.

That evening we went to the Chi Omega House at NCSU and did the 2nd Annual Chi O Trick or Treat. Lily is usually so shy with new people but she LOVED it. I really think it warmed her up for Trick or Treat on Saturday as well. Here is Miss Thang with her bucket waiting to get started.

Lily was joined by two of her other friends: Luke and Roman. How is it when you try to take pictures of more than one toddler? None of them are happy all at the same time. You should have seen the three moms trying to coordinate a picture, but this time the boys would have nothing to do with it. While Lily sat there taking it all in. This is what we ended up with...a picture of Mommy and Baby. You may recognize Nicole as she is our family photographer. Many of you have used her from my recommendations because she is fabulous! We are sorority sisters from back in our college days and worked at Daryll's together although those days are becoming fuzzier! Alice is also a sister but was actually my advisor while I was active. Funny now I am an advisor. How the tides turn and everything comes full circle.

Here is a shot of Lily exploring the spooky cauldron on the current Presidents doorstep. Even cooler was the mat that when you stepped on it a scream errupted out of it. Of course my little engineer figured out where the sound was coming from and started banging on it...oops.

Then a shot of all the lovely active sisters that participated. I was really disappointed that we only had three women show up. The girls but a lot of effort into the event. But they are not without blame. The email went out a week in advance and was on a Friday from 5:30-6:30. Not exactly easy for the working parent to make it there on time. But they are young and in college and probably do not know any better! They will learn and then complain about it just like I am not. What did I say...Full Circle!

My favorite shot. Memories! This is a picture of Lily and I in front of my old room in the beautiful Chi Omega House. Aaaawwww the good ol' days. Maybe someday Lily will live there.

So finally we get to actual Halloween! On Saturday we headed over to the Bakers for our second annual Trick or Treat. Although last year we didn't actually Trick or Treat. We just took pictures of their cuteness. This year was a little more difficult since they moved across town, we are directionally challenged, we fight when we are lost or late, and it was getting close to dinner time. So we were almost an hour late. But after we got rolling the girls had so much fun. They played so nicely together. This is Lily on "gameday"

One of the few shots we got of both of them looking at the camera! Too cute. It is like running around with your head cut off trying to take pictures of two toddlers.

The WolfPack Girls!

A little shot of Aubrey that I love! She looks in deep thought.

So after pictures and dinner we loaded the girls up in our wagon and headed out for our first Trick or Treat adventure! Lily was well equiped with her flashlight provided by Grandma and her bucket.

She was not shy with all the new people and acted like a pro! She was not even scared of the Great Pumpkin. Oh and she can now say Pumpkin!

The flashlight provided a lot of entertainment for the girls throughout the night.

We made it to about 10-15 houses before bedtime crawled near and the girls stopped wanting to walk. So we started home. I consider it a success and very fun. I think next year will be even better.

Jon and Kate plus 8 made one final stop at the Plemmons to check out the new house. That lasted about fifteen minutes (just enough time to scarf down some yummy "scary themed" food) before Lily was like "yeah I am done." She made it until 10:00 though so we cannot complain.

Here is a shot of Morgan and I. This is the girl that had a random Jordan McKnight doll on our bookshelf "hiding." Of course I found him and totally knew it was a NKOTB doll, complete with rattail and all!

It was a great Halloween followed by a Sunday of nothing but football with the Bakers. What fun! I love this time of year.I love the time change and I love fall! I cannot believe it is already November and Christmas is right around the corner.


Annie November 2, 2009 at 10:24 AM  

Looks like yall had a big weekend! :) Loved the Ms. Wuf costume!

Suz November 2, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

I knew she was Mrs Wuf! So creative; I'd expect nothing less from you! :)