Lily's First Dance Recital

>> Monday, May 23, 2011

 Lily had her first recital this weekend. I literally started crying in the lobby after we dropped her off. I then cried again right before she danced, during her dance, and during two other heart wrenching songs when she wasn't even on stage.

Yeah I am a mess.

Mainly because she is like all grown. She has gotten taller in the past week. I swear it! Although it did make me feel a little better when I realized she was not only the youngest person in her class but the youngest one on stage during the whole recital. She did so good you guys!

She kept talking about how excited she was. And kept asking who was coming. She verified with Mimi and Paw at least half a dozen times the day off to make sure they were coming. She knew they were all there to see her.

So we took her out to lunch. Mexican. Hey she loves the chips and dip. At the resteraunt she proceeded to entertain everyone with her renidition of twinkle twinkle and Monkeys jumping on the bed. At the top of her lungs. She warming up for her big performance.

Then we went home to start our day of beauty. I painted her nails red to match her outfit. We teased, curled and sprayed her hair into a perfect ballerina bun. She even got to wear a little blush and glitter on her face for the special day.

 Daddy who swore he would never ever go to a recital if we had a little girl got up at seven in the morning to stand in line for tickets. He was first in line and we were first row. She whined a little when I dropped her off in the dressing room so I could go get me seat. But I promised we would come get her as soon as she did her dance.

Being the little ones in the show they got all the giggles and aaahhhhs throughout the whole show. Here is the video. She is the one in the back on the far left. You can't really see her in the beginning but her shining moment is when she leads the circle prance. Then you can see her plain as day the second half of the dance. She was so tiny on the big stage. But she was my big star!

Afterwards she got flowers and balloons from Brooke and Daddy that went backstage to get her. She ran out to meet us at our seat and gave me a huge hug and screamed "mommy I did so good!"

Yes you did Lily!