IT'S A.....GIRL!

>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

***NOTE: Sorry it has been a long time since my last post but this account has been giving me trouble and I finally got it fixed***

Oh the lowest poll result won the race! I swore it was a boy, everyone was shocked. Mother's intuition...ha! I know many of you will be disappointed that the baby will not be coming out as a McDonald's McChicken sandwich, but it is almost a guarantee she will like them. Michael and I are very excited and have finally after five months begun the planning process of preparing for the little one. Up until now we have been very lazy and done nothing except count down the days until we found out the sex. I will separate the latest happenings into two post. This will cover the pregnancy woes and happenings and the next the (long) shopping experience.

I am officially twenty weeks as of today. THE HALF WAY MARK HAS BEEN REACHED! Only twenty more weeks to go. In the last month I had another doctor appointment and obviously and ultrasound. Let us start with my 18 week appointment. Let me preface this by saying in my 25 years I have never had a male OB/GYN. I just don't like them. How do you know what it feels like to have PMS cramps or this uncontrollable urge to kill your husband the week before you period, let alone know what it feels like to push a watermelon out of your lions. But my practice does have a few males and you have to rotate through all the doctors. So I had my first male appointment. So he comes in, opens my chart, and exclaims "ooooohhhhh I see we have had a surge in our weight this month." Just so you know pregnant women don't need to hear we are getting fat...ITS OBVIOUS! Then he says "well we should cut out all starches to control this." So I am sitting here thinking you give me this long list of foods I cannot eat...deli meat, certain seafood, my favorite Mexican cheese, caffeine, sugar, aspartame...the list goes on and now you want me to give up bread, potatoes, sweets, cereal. Yeah it ain't gonna happen. So we didn't get started on the right foot but I thought he could redeem himself by helping alleviate some of my pregnancy woes. I never have questions, concerns, or issues, but this past month had been rough so I needed some help. I came with a list of three things.

1. Q: I am EXHAUSTED! Still! This was suppose to end a month ago and I can still barely make it home, eat dinner, and not pass out after work. My house is trashed, I have a list of errands I cannot seem to get done...I am tired.
A: Sleep More

Thanks JackA$$! If I sleep anymore I am going to get fired for sleeping at work. Maybe my IRON is low. Oh but don't offer to check that.

2. Q: My back hurts so bad that sometimes its hard to walk/sit/drive.
A: More Rest

See previous comment. Maybe some back exercises would have been nice.

3. Q: At night my legs random start throbbing so bad I am brought to tears. I have to get up, in my exhausted state (see Q1) and walk around to get relief.
A: Respect the pregnancy

What the heck does that mean!!

So needless to say I was not happy after this appointment. Hopefully won't be seeing him anytime soon since it confirmed my male OB/GYN feelings of lack of sympathy. A typical male...tells me I am fat and send me on my way. But don't worry I stopped on the way back to work and got a bagel (no bread! haha!)

But the ultrasound appointment was awesome. My mother-in-law and 3yr-old cousin got to come back with us to see the ultrasound which they both loved. The baby is getting so big and was very active. All the bones were very bright from the calcification that has been happening. Probably all the milk I have drinking. Mmmmm Milk! And right at the end she sat on the camera and spread 'em. There was no denying she is a girl. I was going to post the "its a girl" picture but realized I would be putting my daughters Vjay-jay on the internet and something felt wrong about that. All I can say is that better be the only time her legs are open like that, and the one and only picture of her that exists in that context or someone is going to be in trouble. I am ordering the chasity belt this week.

It was beautiful. A very special moment. It was wonderful to have family there to enjoy it with us. We called most of the immediate family and let them know. After some disappointed..."we thought it was a boy!"....I think everyone is excited. All I know is I secretly wanted a girl so I am happy. Michael is a little disappointed that his train around the top of the room on a track idea is out the door, but I told him they might make pink trains and she can like trains if she wants to. She can like anything she wants.....